If you wished for more Canada Goose this Christmas, you might be in luck. Check out this article on Canada Goose on CBC.ca!

Aaron Vincent Elkaim, for Canadian Press, talks about the popular Canadian brand and its plans to expand its market overseas, particularly into Asia. This is good news for foreign fans of the jackets, as the company plans to expand its production, while remaining committed to quality. If anything, Canada Goose is interested in making better, even pricier jackets, so those who have managed to get their hands on a coat, which is often easier said than done, can rest assured that their investment is sound. For the rest of us still waiting for our dream coat to be in stock, there’s hope.

Next month, Canada Goose, which employs more than 1,000 people, will move to a new factory in Toronto that nearly doubles the size of its workspace to 94,000 square feet and increases its capacity.

Twice as much workspace means potential for twice as much production, so even with the move to sell more jackets abroad, Canada Goose should be able to meet demand for their jackets here at home.

One thing to be excited about:

“They’ll consider expanding the brand beyond just coats.”

Is anyone else thinking ski pants? Cozy duvets? It’s always a joy to be able to find Canadian made outdoor wear, and we’re proud to carry Canada Goose here at Mountain Air in Jasper. Check out our recent photoshoot for an idea of the men’ and women’s jackets in stock.

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