Jasper in January is a cornerstone of Jasper in the winter time. Skiing conditions come and go, temperatures rise and fall, but Jasper in January is always a riot. If you’re a local, it’s a great way to mix up your winter routine, and if you’re from out of town, we highly recommend checking out the official Jasper in January website if you’re planning a getaway (or thinking about it). The festival runs from January 17th to February 2nd, and there’s lots this year to get excited about.

For the brew connoisseur: Jasper Brewing Company, located right next door to Mountain Air Clothing, has events at just about every point during the festival. There are brewery tours almost every day, and a Hops and Scotch After Party on January 31st. If beer is not to your taste, drop your husband off at the Brew Pub and come shopping (we know you’ve done it before) or check out Wine in Winter at the Athabasca Hotel on the 31st as well.

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For the entire family: Your ski trip will be unforgettable when you watch the fireworks on January 25th. There’s also  a Family Fun Ski Race on the 19th, and on Sunday, February 2nd Treehouse toy store brings you a free movie at the Chaba theatre. For budding astronomers, check out Fire in the Sky at Pyramid Island on February 1st. 

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For your girls trip: Maybe you need a break from your family, or just a change of scenery, but your girls weekend away is taken care of at Jasper in January. In addition to sampling local craft brews, Mountain Wellness Day Spa is having a special wellness day on January 22nd. D’ed Dog Bar and Grill also has a Passion Party and live band on the 23rd, and the Jasper Brewing Company has a comedy night the same day so you can get your giggles in one way or another, making for a perfect midweek getaway.

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Don’t forget to check the festival page for information on all the bands playing across town, including Tupelo Honey, to plan the getaway that’s tailor made for you. What does any of this have to do with fashion? In the winter, it’s easy to find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. We know you have outfits that are begging to be shown off, but if you don’t we’d love to help you put together a new one! The best news? Everything pictured above is on sale! All holiday sweaters are 30% off, all winter boots are 40% off, and all denim–both mens and ladies!–is a whopping 50% off. Come celebrate with us! 

by Hillary

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