In many parts of the world spring is on the way, and while calendar spring (not to mention Canadian spring) is still a ways off, spring fashions are starting to crop up in Mountain Air.  The best way to feel like spring is on the way is by injecting a little bit of colour into your wardrobe, and what better way to do that than with the bold, exotic patterns and tailored designs of the Ivko Woman line.


Ivko comes from scenic Serbia, with its long traditional of enriched textiles. The line itself was founded in 1986 when Serbia was still a part of Yugoslavia, and many Eastern European states were opening up to the idea of private entrepreneurship at the end of the Cold War. Since then Ivko has grown from one woman’s experiment into a thriving family business that combines trendy with folksy and high-fashion. While Eastern Europe has grown to be a hotbed for high quality manufacturing in the past ten or twenty years, Ivko’s line is unique because not only are the vivid sweaters made in Serbia, but they express a certain Serbian-ness in the designs. Folksy and bold, Ivko strives to create something for the modern woman that is made from the highest quality merino wools, but also references its origin culture.


Photo Petar Milošević, Wikimedia Commons

The embroidery and flower motifs seen in this image of a parade in Guča, Serbia, can also be found in Ivko’s designs, adapted for the modern woman.

These luxury sweaters and coats, knitted using merino wool, mohair, and sometimes silk-lined, will keep you cozy even throughout the rest of our dismally long winter. Remember that the days are growing long, and even if the flowers won’t be out for many months still, stash your monochrome early-winter-sweaters and opt for something cozy and daring by Ivko Woman.

Here are some of the wintry styles we have in store.

by Hillary


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