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If you can count on one thing in Canada, it’s that it’s going to get cold, but we as Canadians have never let that stop us from throwing on a jacket and enjoying the day anyway. Few companies have embraced being Canadian with as much pride and innovaton than outerwear brand Canada Goose. Over the past few years Canada Goose has evolved from a luxury brand beloved by those “in the know” to a cornerstone in the wardrobes of Canadians all across the country.

What makes Canada Goose so special?

They’re Canadian

Manufactured in Canada since 1950 (under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.) Canada Goose could have easily outsourced production of its coats when it started to get big in the mid 2000’s. Instead they committed themselves to continue to make their gear in Canada. Canadian manufacturing has long been under threat by companies seeking higher profit margins, but Canada Goose proves that you can make a profit without moving abroad. Canadian manufacturing means not only is your gear certified patriotic, but buyers can rest assured that the clothes on their backs are made in an ethical fashion.

A coat for every kind of winter

While the big puffy jacket with the fur-lined hood is usually what you think of when you imagine Canada Goose’s iconic outerwear look, the Canadian company makes coats for a wide range of outdoor activities. For the arctic explorer or winter surveyor, the Expedition or other parkas are rated to -30 degrees Celsius.

Expedition Parka

Hardcore skiers rejoice, but let’s be honest, when most of us see the mercury dip below that -30 (or the dreaded windchill factor makes it feel even colder), we might try to think up some alternate (indoor) activities. But Canada Goose is more than just extreme cold-weather parkas. Their active-wear and intermediary selections will help Canadians enjoy their country on milder days.

Bomber jackets for down-hill skiers, lightweight breathable down gear for winter joggers and even vests will keep you warm but not sweating while winter temperatures fluctuate even if your idea of winter activities don’t go beyond picking up the kids or walking the dog.

hybridge lite

The ladies’ Hybridge lite is designed with down on the chest and back but leave the arms free and flexible, with reflective strips to keep you visible on dark winter days, whether you are an extreme winter biker or early-spring dog walker.

Canada Goose’s Thermal Experience Index (TEI) helps customers choose the right product for your lifestyle.


High quality outerwear may come with a higher price-tag, but high-end craftsmanship usually produces a stronger, longer-lasting product that not only stands up well to regular wear and tear but performs the job it was designed to do. Canada Goose’s focused design produces many types of jackets all with different benefits and are created with the awareness and the bodies of men and women are not shaped the same way and therefore need more insulation in certain areas and more tailoring in others. In addition to innovative design features, Canada Goose uses Canadian Hutterite goose down blends which retain more heat than other types of down blends. While some may be put off by the usage of real coyote fur for the linings of their hoods, Canada Goose asserts that real fur is warmer in extreme temperatures because it never freezes and doesn’t hold water in addition to breaking wind that might blow across your face.

Canada Goose’s down never comes from live plucked geese, only as a by-product of the poultry industry. In addition to this, Canada Goose’s coyote fur comes only from certified Canadian trappers, and not from fur farms. When you use only ethical animal products and manufacturing processes, you can afford to be as transparent as Canada Goose is on their website.

Their star is rising

Canada Goose jackets have long been a favourite of film crews for shooting films on location, so it’s no surprise to see Canada Goose in the spotlight around film festivals. As the official outerwear sponsor of  the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and the 2014 Berlinale Film Festival, Canada Goose has some serious indie cred.

In addition to participating in film festival events, Canada Goose has donated a part of the proceeds from one of their special collections to Polar Bears International, a conservation agency.

Canada Goose has also been expanding steadily into international markets while continuing to develop their line at home. With function, style, and a wide array of colours, Canada Goose has sparked many imitators trying to win customers with cheaper counterfeits. We at Mountain Air are proud to be on the list of authorized retailers. Come in an try on one of the Canada Goose jackets in our store to see what the craze is all about, and support Canada made, locally sold.

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