Get to Know the Faces of Mountain Air: Molly

A part of what makes Mountiain Air Clothing special is the people behind the counter and out on the floor. Get to know the staff who are always ready to chat fashion, offer advice, and help you find your perfect fit.

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Molly at the Other Paw Cafe in Jasper. Jacket: Mackage, Shirt: Peppercorn, Necklace: Beads by by Gosh

Molly H. has been working at Mountain Air for almost five years, and has lived in Jasper off and on for around eight.

Q: Describe your personal style/fashion and trends that you like?

Molly: I like what I like, whether it’s a trend or not. I like to look at the new trends, not to see what’s “in” but just to see new things and see if there’s perhaps something I haven’t seen before.

On Style:

Style is a result of environment and budget.  My style basically depends on where I am and what I’m doing (the environment). I like to have pieces from all styles. However, my closet consists entirely of black and extremely summery things (neon, pastel). And shoes. Many shoes.

Whoever says “the most important thing is to be comfortable”….. I say no, (because you can’t tell me the 3 inch heels are really all that more comfortable than the 4 inch heels.) If that was true, we’d all be wearing sweatpants.

Q: What is your favourite part about your job?

Molly: My boss! She’s definitely the best boss and team leader I’ve ever had.   Otherwise, the locals and people who come in and make this place feel like family. The people who make you feel like you’re not “at work”

Q: Favourite activity outside of work:

Molly: Comedy. Writing bits for stand up. Writing funny rants that I definitely can’t practice Processed with VSCOcamat work.

Q: If you could give one tip to customers  what would it be? 

Molly: Unless you have endless amounts of cash lying around, just don’t buy things you know you won’t wear, even if you really really hope to be able to. Just don’t.

Q: What’s your superpower at work?

Molly: I really don’t know.

Hillary says: She’s an amazing salesgirl without ever making anyone feel uncomfortable. She’s relaxed and never pressures people when she makes suggestions. It’s like having an honest, helpful friend shop with you.

Beth says: She has the voice of reason when things get difficult, and she always stays calm and helps people have a great experience no matter what.

Q: What’s your favourite item in your personal wardrobe?

Molly: Mackage. I have a leather jacket and a winter coat from them.

(The winter jacket is below, the leather jacket above)

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Jacket: Mackage, Sunglasses: Kuma Papyrus


Q: What item do you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Molly: Clothes that fit great, a pair of good jeans that fit and you love.

Q: Favourite brand or item at Mountain Air?

Molly: Mackage. (see below)

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Jacket by Mackage, Sunglasses Kuma Papyrus style

Q: Any favourite moments or stories from work?

Molly: There’s were a couple of “feel good” stories that we’ve had with people who were very shy or not appearing to be into it [trying things on], and by the end of their time here they would be prancing out of the change room to show us. Those people who turn into repeat customers because they see that we just like to have fun and try on clothes.

Q: If you could go on a shopping trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Molly: Somewhere fun, with a bit of a cultural influence but still in tune to fashion around the world. Like South Africa.

Molly will be leaving us this May to travel and work abroad, starting in Norway. We wish her all the best and will miss her immensely!

Stay tuned to get to know the rest of the team or come in and meet them!