Bailey 44

The start of the summer heat has sent many fashionistas scurrying in search of cooler layers for our unpredictable but often scorching mountain days. With their natural fibres and quality manufacturing, Bailey 44 is a great brand to add to your summer wardrobe. For our staff here at Mountain Air, Bailey 44 represents everything we’re excited to bring to you: quality and natural fabrics that wear well and offer the best in comfort and tailoring, ethical manufacturing right in the USA, and on-trend beautiful and inspired styles.

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It’s a treat to be able to find a brand that’s normally associated with big, high-end department stores such as Sachs Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales, and bring it into the small town, intimate boutique environment. Many of our shoppers are from all over the world, and it’s great to be able to offer them world-class fashion in the midst of our word-class views right here in Jasper.

A cut above
Quality pieces like those from Bailey 44 are an enticing alternative to fast fashion.There are so many reasons to say no to fast fashion. Durability and ethics are just two of the reasons more consumers are choosing to add items to their wardrobe that are a cut above the disposable sweatshop-made articles that permeate the market. Whenever possible, we at Mountain Air try to bring you ethical options to help you build a wardrobe you can be proud of.

bailey skirt

Upgrade your wardrobe, one piece at a time
Classic items that won’t go out of style, especially ones you can wear often, are a great place to start with high quality clothing. The price tag might look a bit daunting at first, but if you break down the cost of the item over how many days you’re going to wear it in the life of the garment, the value is the same if not better than an article of clothing that’s going to fall to pieces after a season. In the meantime, you can know that you’re supporting ethical labour laws–the people who made your clothing are paid at least a minimum wage, and you’re supporting the economy the USA, Canada’s biggest partner.

Keep it natural
For the summer time, nothing beats natural fibres. Silk is softer than rayon, cotton more breathable than polyester. Clothing that feels good against the skin and moves with your body is what Bailey 44 is passionate about. Pieces are tried on repeatedly and altered throughout the design process to ensure the best fit.

Right on trend
California inspired styles are huge right now, from bohemian and feminine to downtown LA looks and vintage 80’s acid wash denims. Bailey 44’s look is classic urban California: imagine yourself next to an infinity pool, sipping wine on a patio in the Napa Valley, or shopping along Sunset Boulevard. Bailey 44 is great for anyone’s inner Hollywood starlet, proving that American manufacturing is alive and well. The next step in the evolution of American fashion is happening now, and California is at the heart of it.

Dress: Bailey 44
Dress: Bailey 44