Mountain Air 

As shipment boxes arrive at Mountain Air Clothing, the excitement never loses its sparkle factor within the small circle of staff.  Revealing the contents is the sunshine and beauty that brings new meaning to the words ‘Mountain Air’literally and figuratively. Slicing those boxes open never gets old. How could it? Every item in the clothing lines truly embodies a unique array of choices. You could be thinking that isn’t possible. It’s understandable if it sounds a bit over the top. 

Come on…really

 It’s just a clothing Store!!  


A clothing store.

A clothing store where one can visually seefeel fabrics of the finest quality in order to know why I speak with such glowing words.

The designers that connect each corner of Mountain Air are selected by owner Karen Jacobs. The inspirational soul that created a space of awe known as Mountain Air Clothing.

As you enter the store, you see each piece neatly folded, or clothing making a maniquin look way too good to be made of plastic. Other pieces are hung in rows of lovely visual clothing bliss. 

As your eyes take in the array of clothing, hats, scarves and footwear, you cannot help but fall in love with it all. 

Karen Jacobs brings a contagious enthusiasm to her staff.  Each person she meets cannot miss the passion she has.

It is evident in this Haven of Beautiful Clothing Zen.

Mountain Air has shared breathtaking clothing for the summer, along with sweaters, jackets and hats for cooler weather or simply to look and feel fantastic. 

No one wants to say goodbye to summer. Our summers in Canada are short & we want them to last forever. Of course we can’t. We must bid summer farewell.

Why not step into fall fresh & fill it with inspiration? Embrace fall. Allow Mountain Air to breathe life into the way you express yourself.

Start off fall with denim of the finest quality & fit.

If you have owned a pair of AG Denim, you already understand that they feel so beyond incredible you wonder what took so long for you to discover them.

One of Mountain Air’s latest editions to the AG Denim line is the AG cigarette stilt in faded indigo with subtle touches of destruction. Supima-blend stretch denim transforms into a sleek fit and an amazingly comfortable feel. Classic five-pocket construction with contrast stitching, zip fly, and button closure.

Starting off with the perfect pair of denim makes fall a little more exciting. Pair with a beautiful fitting top & sweater…slip on a fabulous pair of boots that were made for walking. 

You will be on your way to the new season with a chic, stylish look that will release your inner glow. 

Photoshoot Spring 2015

New Spring Lookbook! Our fearless model Michaela braved the Canadian spring temperatures to showcase some of our new arrivals as well as some cozy coats by Canada Goose.

Lisette Limages 

wp-image-1580000799For over a decade, Canadian designer Lisette Limoges has been designing pants with a specific goal in mind. Creating the perfect fitting pants for women of all sizes, body types and shapes.

The goal: Leave no body behind. 

In a society that often defines beauty with the ‘Perfect size’, I adore Lisette L for that statement…Leave no body behind. 

The Lisette L line has appeared in publications  with top fashion magazines.

BEST. PANTS. EVER.” ~More Magazine. The Lisette L Line has also appeared as top fashion picks in Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Town&Country, and O Magazine. Oprah welcomed Lisette L into her circle of designers she couldn’t do without. 

Check out this video with Lisette L


New Arrivals – Handbags February 2016

Is your handbag starting to look tired? We have some great new arrivals from Guess and Aunts & Uncles in store now! We’re always receiving new shipments as well, so check back regularly to see if your dream bag is in stock. Click on an image for detail!

Cards for your Valentine

Random acts of kindness, Galentine’s Day, and more, Valentines Day is now about celebrating more than just romantic love.


Valentines Day, the day single people dread and husbands forget. What holiday has been the subject of more skepticism than Valentines Day? Even the most cynical among us though have to admit to being rather fond of chocolate (yes please) flowers, and cards, and this is why the recent de-romantifying of St. Valentine’s Day feels like such a breath of fresh air. In the past handful of years, traditional Valentine’s Day activities, romantic dinner dates and lingerie, have started to be just one more way to celebrate love. Many schools and workplaces organize a Random Acts of Kindness week around Valentines Day, and elsewhere in the media people have started to celebrate platonic love and friendship (most memorably the TV show Parks and Recreation with Galentine’s Day as a way to celebrate female friendships). 

What’s not to like about telling someone you appreciate them and are grateful for their presence in your life? Why not Valentine’s Day, especial when it’s becoming easier and easier to find unique “just because” cards for everyone special in your life. This is why we’re so excited to be carrying two lines of unique cards from Compendium Cards.

Compendium has been creating unique stationary products since 1985, with modern illustrations and whimsical messages that make them stand out from the glossy Hallmark cards you see in most drug stores. Designs range from quirky, and more masculine–a nice departure from traditional doily cards–to downright hilarious. Mountain Air carries Compendium’s Frank and Funny line, which features fresh and funny messages from professional stand-up comedians to help light up a gloomy day. This line features quotes for special occasions, as well as more than a few that are “just for laughs”, and who doesn’t like to laugh?


The Positively Green line of Compendium cards features the same vibrant, modern designs they’re known for paired with famous and lesser-known inspirational and topical quotes. What’s especially great about this line though is that a portion of the profits from this line goes toward protecting the environment.


It’s never the wrong time to tell a friend that you’re thinking about them and that you care, but what could be a better time than the month of February? With Valentines Day coming up, and the standard but challenging winter blues, putting pen to paper and spreading the love a little has never been easier.

Personally, I find there’s nothing like the feeling of a good ink pen sinking into thick paper, but the one thing that can top that is finding a handwritten letter waiting in the mailbox. So send a card to someone you’re thinking of and make their winter that much more whimsical.

New Arrivals – Olena Zylak Winter 2015

Have you been into the store to see the latest Olena Zylak winter collection? Besides the fact that her designs are fashionable and cozy, every piece is handmade in Canada. Olena launched her first collection of knitwear in 1997 and has captured the love of many around the world with her hats, scarves and accessories. Not only is production done within Ontario, her company stands to support sustainable local economies through: local production, fair trade organic cotton, sustainably produced marketing materials and reduced energy consumption. Come by the store and we’ll help you find the perfect hat or scarf to keep you fashionably warm this upcoming fall and winter. Images courtesy of,


The Faces of Mountain Air: Beth

A part of what makes Mountiain Air Clothing special is the people behind the counter and out on the floor. Get to know the staff who are always ready to chat fashion, offer advice, and help you find your perfect fit.

Processed with VSCOcam
Beth test drives some new Mjus in a popular Jasper photo spot across from the store

Beth L. has been working at Mountain Air since December 2013

Q: Describe your personal style?

Beth: I would say my personal style is pretty sporadic. I kind of dress how I feel on that particular day.

 My style inspirations would be Nicole Richie, Keith Richards and Sarah Jessica Parker. I like the idea of mixing price points in fashion as well as outfits with a bit of a bohemian flare. Layering jewellery and clothing is always fun and a good way to make a outfit funky and unique.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Q: What is your favourite part about your job? 

Beth: I like meeting people and playing dress up with them! The best is when someone comes in and is totally open to trying on anything and everything. That’s when we find the best outfits and they leave feeling confident and happy!

Q: What’s your superpower while at work? 

Beth: I would say my super power is recognizing returning customers and remembering what they bought the last time they were in! It helps when suggesting new pieces.

Q: What is your favourite activity outside of work:

Beth: There are so many things to enjoy in Jasper on my free time! I love to eat at all our local cafes and restaurants as well as walking the trails with my dog, paddle boarding and bike riding.

Jacket: Surkana
Jacket: Surkana

Q: If you could give one tip to customers, what would it be?

Beth: Dress for the body you have not the one you want. It’s the only one you’ve got so you might as well love it!

Q: Favourite item in your personal wardrobe?

Beth: This is tough. It’s a tie between my black leather jacket, my Burberry scarf and my new Mjus boots (I love color and style they’re a bit rock ‘n’ roll!).

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Q: What item do you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Beth: You definitely need a good leather jacket! One you can layer with a casual outfit or wear to go out. It makes an outfit a bit more edgy and fun.

Q: Favourite brand or item at Mountain Air?

Beth: My favourite brand at Mountain Air right now would be Aunts & Uncles. It’s a leather handbag line from Germany. I appreciate that you can see the quality and effort that is put into each piece. As well as, due to the fact they are genuine leather and vegetable dyed they age and wear in perfectly.

Q: Any favourite moments or stories from work?

Beth: One of my favourite moments while working at Mountain Air was probably our last staff Christmas party. We spent the night and next day at JPL enjoying the food the view the spa and just really got to bond as co workers! I also got to bring my pup Nyxy out for the sleepover at the Fairmont, I think it’s safe to say she’s accustomed to the finer things in life.


Q: If you could go on a shopping trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Beth: I would go to London, Paris, Milan or New York. Any of these cities during Fashion Week would be insanely exciting and at the top of my list. It’s so interesting to go to these places and see what they are wearing now because a lot of the trends still won’t hit us for another couple years.

New Arrivals – InStance Socks Fall 2015

Did you know that socks are 25% off when you buy shoes at Mountain Air? Unbelievable! Next time you’re picking up a pair of new duds, grab yourself a handful of these exceptional printed InStance socks. But hurry! The coolest prints never last long. Freshly arrived for fall and sock season.