Lookbook March 2015

Here are some looks we put together in the store this month! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see our #OutfitoftheDays as we post them for tips and ideas on styling new arrivals.

Also, thanks to the owner of the pink bike parked out front! The best accessories are the ones you stumble upon.

Beads by Gosh

1424539684999 Beads by Gosh is a unique line of jewelry made by Susie Wilgosh, a longtime local of Jasper. Her designs are sold exclusively in Jasper at Mountain Air and Open Country stores. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and incorporates a wide range of materials from authentic semi-precious stones and crystals to lighter, more affordable synthetics. Susie Wilgosh of Beads by Gosh comes from a family of artists and craftspeople. Her father was a woodworker and her mother was one of the first art teachers in Hinton. She and her siblings, one brother a cartoonist, the other skilled at wildlife paintings, have all inherited a strong creative instinct. Susie has been making beads for over a decade since 2003 when she and her daughter entered into a local craft fair and she was encourage to pursue bead-making as more than just a hobby. Her designs are inspired from a wide variety of sources. Susie says she keeps an eye on newscasters to see what they’re wearing, reads magazines,  and loves to try new designs and materials. Sometimes the staff at Mountain Air will make requests based on a trend or what colours of clothing we have in stock. For materials, Susie brings in beads from all over. Authentic Swarovski crystals will come in from Austria, but she also keeps an eye out for new stones and beads as close to home as Edmonton and as far afield as Jamaica. In her 9 by 11 foot beading room filled to the brim with supplies, Susie crimps, cuts, and shapes her pieces. While Susie has been asked to sell her work elsewhere and online, she finds it easier to just sell in the two local stores. “If something goes wrong I can fix it, at least for locals,” she says. Mountain Air is always receiving new pieces from Susie and trading out old stock, resulting in an ever-changing collection of jewelry. While Susie often uses semi-precious stones and exotic material like lava beads and freshwater pearls from Vietnam, many of her earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are designed to be more affordable and start at only $5 for bracelets and earrings to $20 for one-of-a-kind necklaces. Browse some of her designs below or come in to see the latest from Beads by Gosh.

Browse more Beads by Gosh at Mountain Air

Photoshoot Spring 2015

New Spring Lookbook! Our fearless model Michaela braved the Canadian spring temperatures to showcase some of our new arrivals as well as some cozy coats by Canada Goose.

Looks from the store – February 2015

Catch free jewellery

The days get shorter, the mornings get colder, and it’s only a matter of time before the radio starts playing Christmas music. Now that we’re well into fall, the last thing you need is to be wrestling with a scarf or sweater thread caught in the clasp of your necklace when you dip in to your favourite cafe for something pumpkin (or gingerbread?) flavoured. Pretty sweaters and scarves are one of the best things about winter (skiing being, in the opinion of a good Jasperite, The Best Thing), but it’s no fun to give up wearing jewellery around them because you risk of tangling and tearing them on the clasps. That’s why we’ve rounded up a selection of catch free necklaces to slip on with your knit garments that won’t cause trouble.

sparkly chains and bead necklaces

Local jewellery maker Suzy Wilgosh of Beads by Gosh has created a number of long necklaces for us that simply don’t have clasps. Loop them around twice for a shorter necklace look, or let them peek out from under your scarf. The bonus is you don’t need to choose between a scarf and a necklace, but can layer your accessories.

Even pendants can be scarf friendly

Beads by Gosh also uses alternative clasps, which still lets you do them up behind your neck, but won’t catch on clothing.

Recycled pearl necklace with catch-free button clasp by Beads by Gosh
Beads by Gosh crystal glass with silver necklace sports a magnetic clasp, especially Arthritis friendly and super easy to open and close.

Love Heals, the California company that plants a tree for every design sold, also offers a variety of catch-free clasp necklaces. Instead of sharp hooks, these eyelet-like clasps are pretty to look at AND play nicely with knits.


The designs are white bronze on leather cords, or waxed linen braided with genuine semi-precious stones and pearls. These chains are part of the Be Creative line, which invites you to build your own charm necklace from a number of unique designs. The Be Creative line is soon to be discontinued, so if you have some charms and need a chain, or vice versa, now’s a good time to pick them up because our supplies will be dwindling. We will still be carrying Love Heals, including these catch-free clasps designs, but they will come without the hassle (or joy) of composing the necklace yourself.

Solutions for wedding wardrobe woes

Spring and summer is wedding season here in Jasper, and even if it’s not your big day, you still want to look your best for friends, family and photos. At Mountain Air, we’ve got solutions to all your last minute fashion emergencies, from basics to ballgowns.

Your Little Black Dress feels more like a Little “blah” Dress
Everyone knows you can’t upstage the bride at her own wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to show up wearing a burlap sack. You probably brought your favourite formal outfit and remembered to pack sensible heels, but as the day draws nearer, you’re starting to feel like your wardrobe is lacking in pazzaz. Add a little colour with fun, summery nail polish from butter London. This great British brand comes in the colour of your heart’s desire, with cheeky names like “shag,” “scallywag,” and “blagger.” What’s even better, butter London is “3 Free,” which means it doesn’t contain formaldahyde, toluene, DBP colour, or carcinogens, making them kinder to both your nails and the environment. Try out these four: “slapper,” “jasper,” “trout pout,” and “shag.” ($17 a bottle)


If nail polish isnt really your thing, or if you’re looking to add a little glitz to your glamour, we carry a line of vivid bead jewelry handmade in Jasper; “Beads by Gosh.” These necklaces, bracelets, and earrings make the perfect accessories to add some colour to any outfit, and make a great souvenir you can take back home to commemorate the special day.


Nobody wants to wear the same shoes they wear to work to a special event, so ditch yout black pumps and sneak some colour into your look with vibrant summer heels from Desigual. These cloth wedges will inject a little whimsy into your ensemble and give you something to talk about when you’re sitting next to your sister’s husband’s mother’s co-worker from Toronto.


Overcome moody mountain weather. Mountain weather is rarely predictable, and if you’re attending an outdoor weather this summer in Jasper, you may be required to convert your clothes for rain or shine at the last minute. Beat the heat in a fashionable sun hat from Lillie Cohoe (handmadenin Nelson BC and 25% off at the moment). We also carry cardigans and blazers galore to help stave off the alpine chill should the sun proove hard to find.


Your date thinks plaid and jeans are formal. You’re set. You are dressed to the nines, but your dear date did not get the memo and needs a last minute lesson in wedding wear. Our men’s collection includes lots of solutions for the guy who arrives not quite prepared, from smart ties, dashing shirts, trousers, and dancing shoes for your forgetful Fred Astaire.


Your ballgown has no pockets. Credit card, cell phone, lipstick, hotel keys, tissues, the worn, folded piece of paper your scrawled your toast to the bride and groom onto. You’ve probably run out of room in your decollete to carry all the things you’re going to need, so treat yourself to a new clutch. From classic and simple to super bling, keep yourself organized and fresh all day and night without lugging your messenger bag around with you.