Lookbook April 2015

New arrivals and outfits from photoshoots in and around the store and town in the month of April. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see them as we post them!

This month we had the pleasure of working with three handsome, stylish gentlemen from town so you can enjoy some outfits of the day for MEN! Hopefully more to come next month.

Photoshoot Spring 2015

New Spring Lookbook! Our fearless model Michaela braved the Canadian spring temperatures to showcase some of our new arrivals as well as some cozy coats by Canada Goose.

What’s your travel fashion IQ?

Winter travel is all about breaking up our long Canadian winter with a getaway somewhere warm, but even if Canadian Spring is still a long ways off the start of the spring season elsewhere in the world marks the beginning of the travel season. Many travellers use the spring to cash in some of those vacation days for April in Paris, Easter in Rome or a trip to NYC. Unlike vacations, travel is about finding new experiences and getting to know someplace new. Whether you’re a marathon museum visitor, wine taster, or amateur photographer, we’ve got some tips and products to help you enjoy your adventures while staying stylish.

Pro-tip #1: Sensible shoes

Wear shoes you know you’re going to be able to walk a lot in, even if you don’t expect to do a lot of walking. Remember, you CAN pack more than more pair of shoes, so don’t feel like you have to find one shoe that does EVERYTHING. Even if a tall black boot that’s warm but also good for hiking but also a sandal but also a high heel DOES exist, it will probably cost an arm and a leg. Sensible doesn’t have to be the opposite of stylish. Pick something simple and remember that the best look is the blister-free look.

For a good walking shoe, we like Josef Seibel’s Caspian shoe. It comes in a few fun colours as well as basic grey and black and has a removable cushioning insole, so if you wear orthotics (don’t even think about leaving them behind if you do) you can pop them in. the cushy insoles will help reduce fatigue while walking.

Remember, break your shoes in before you leave, or put band-aids on your heels before you get blisters and spare yourself some pain. Allow yourself time to rest between big walking days just like you would if you’d been hiking. Have yourself a cuppa. Smell the roses.

Pro-tip #2: Coordinate

You don’t have to choose one single colour to wear while you’re travelling, no matter how light you want to pack. Instead decide what item in your ensemble is the base–the item you plan all your other accessories around and probably wear more than one day a week, usually your jeans or trousers. So long as your tops match your base, it doesn’t matter if they match one-another. Jeans and neutral bottoms are great because they go with just about everything and so you don’t have to pack the same outfit seven times over. A black cardigan (like this one from Yest) goes  with everything and can be layered under a jacket for comfort and warmth. Comfort goes a long ways, especially if you plan on driving or a train or plane on your adventure.

We like to choose a base colour to coordinate everything with, like choosing black or brown as our neutral and avoiding everything that doesn’t go well with it.

Pack a Tide-to-go pen or a spot remover and save yourself a trip to the laundromat after your first Currywurst experience lands some ketchup on your jeans.

Pro-tip #3: Skip the ironing

Ditch the wrinkles–or embrace them! You’re not going to want to spend a lot of time doing laundry or ironing dress shirts, so opt for something that’s going to wear well all day long. While your travel lifestyle probably won’t be too far off from what you normally get up to at home, you might be driving, riding, and walking more than usual under conditions you can’t control. All that adds up to increased pressure on your clothes.

Something soft and stretchy like our pre-creased David Cline collection are great for travel because they won’t show wear and are supremely comfortable. Since these pieces are supposed to be wrinkled you don’t have to worry about balling them up in your suitcase (though you should know you ought to roll your clothes) and wearing them all day and night. And why not, with such lush spring colours! From collared shirts to long-sleeved tees, David Cline is our travel favourite.

David Cline

Pro-tip #4: Bring a scarf

You already knew that a scarf would be the perfect accessory to tie your outfit together and keep you warm. Scarves are one of the best accessories to have while travelling. When it gets too hot, just tie them to your purse, and you can even use your scarf as a blanket when huddling aboard an over-air conditioned train or plane or when that cool breeze starts coming off the Adriatic sea. Bring one. Buy one as a souvenir. You won’t regret it, especially when you master 25 Ways to Wear A Scarf (and invent one or two of your own).

Pro-tip #5: Don’t be afraid to bring your leather jacket

One of my biggest personal travel-regrets is forgetting to pack a stylish jacket for going out at night. You already packed a nice outfit and put on your dressy shoes, but there’s only so fancy you can get when the only jacket you packed is the super-sensible rain jacket that you’ve been hiking around in all week (preferably in slate-grey like mine for added dullness). A leather jacket or a blazer may not be practical for everyday wear on your travels, but you owe yourself the opportunity go look your best on a classy night out. You’re going to want ONE photo of you that isn’t in that rain jacket. Trust me.

This LaMarque blazer-style leather jacket is one of our faves. The goring in the sleeves even makes it comfortable enough to wear all day.

Pro-tip #6: Leave room for a souvenir

Often while you’re travelling you won’t want to do a lot of shopping, but every now and then you need to take a break from sightseeing to do a bit of shopping. Rather than a canvas bag or a hoodie with the name of whatever city you’re in on it, consider buying something unique from the region you’re in. If shopping is your goal, do some research before your trip and get to know the manufacturing techniques, materials, or brands that are the specialty of your destination. Make sure the items you pick up are authentic, too. It’s easy to buy the first authentic-looking item in the tourist districts, but ask some locals for tips about what’s cool or where to find the real deal. You wouldn’t want to come back from Italy with shoes made in China.

At Mountain Air, we try to stock as many Made in Canada brands as possible, like Canada Goose, Lisette, Parkhurst, Mackage, Lili & Cohoe, Oleanna Zylak, Ambler, and our souvenir line are all designed and manufactured in Canada. Not only does it give visitors a piece of Canada to take home with them, but it helps the economy!

Whether you’re a vacationer or a die-hard adventure-traveller, experience is the best teacher. Do you have any travel tips to share? Tell us in the comments!

Need help putting together some items our outfits for an upcoming trip? Come into the store! We’re getting new spring fashions in every day now, snow be damned!

Canada Goose

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If you can count on one thing in Canada, it’s that it’s going to get cold, but we as Canadians have never let that stop us from throwing on a jacket and enjoying the day anyway. Few companies have embraced being Canadian with as much pride and innovaton than outerwear brand Canada Goose. Over the past few years Canada Goose has evolved from a luxury brand beloved by those “in the know” to a cornerstone in the wardrobes of Canadians all across the country.

What makes Canada Goose so special?

They’re Canadian

Manufactured in Canada since 1950 (under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.) Canada Goose could have easily outsourced production of its coats when it started to get big in the mid 2000’s. Instead they committed themselves to continue to make their gear in Canada. Canadian manufacturing has long been under threat by companies seeking higher profit margins, but Canada Goose proves that you can make a profit without moving abroad. Canadian manufacturing means not only is your gear certified patriotic, but buyers can rest assured that the clothes on their backs are made in an ethical fashion.

A coat for every kind of winter

While the big puffy jacket with the fur-lined hood is usually what you think of when you imagine Canada Goose’s iconic outerwear look, the Canadian company makes coats for a wide range of outdoor activities. For the arctic explorer or winter surveyor, the Expedition or other parkas are rated to -30 degrees Celsius.

Expedition Parka

Hardcore skiers rejoice, but let’s be honest, when most of us see the mercury dip below that -30 (or the dreaded windchill factor makes it feel even colder), we might try to think up some alternate (indoor) activities. But Canada Goose is more than just extreme cold-weather parkas. Their active-wear and intermediary selections will help Canadians enjoy their country on milder days.

Bomber jackets for down-hill skiers, lightweight breathable down gear for winter joggers and even vests will keep you warm but not sweating while winter temperatures fluctuate even if your idea of winter activities don’t go beyond picking up the kids or walking the dog.

hybridge lite

The ladies’ Hybridge lite is designed with down on the chest and back but leave the arms free and flexible, with reflective strips to keep you visible on dark winter days, whether you are an extreme winter biker or early-spring dog walker.

Canada Goose’s Thermal Experience Index (TEI) helps customers choose the right product for your lifestyle.


High quality outerwear may come with a higher price-tag, but high-end craftsmanship usually produces a stronger, longer-lasting product that not only stands up well to regular wear and tear but performs the job it was designed to do. Canada Goose’s focused design produces many types of jackets all with different benefits and are created with the awareness and the bodies of men and women are not shaped the same way and therefore need more insulation in certain areas and more tailoring in others. In addition to innovative design features, Canada Goose uses Canadian Hutterite goose down blends which retain more heat than other types of down blends. While some may be put off by the usage of real coyote fur for the linings of their hoods, Canada Goose asserts that real fur is warmer in extreme temperatures because it never freezes and doesn’t hold water in addition to breaking wind that might blow across your face.

Canada Goose’s down never comes from live plucked geese, only as a by-product of the poultry industry. In addition to this, Canada Goose’s coyote fur comes only from certified Canadian trappers, and not from fur farms. When you use only ethical animal products and manufacturing processes, you can afford to be as transparent as Canada Goose is on their website.

Their star is rising

Canada Goose jackets have long been a favourite of film crews for shooting films on location, so it’s no surprise to see Canada Goose in the spotlight around film festivals. As the official outerwear sponsor of  the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and the 2014 Berlinale Film Festival, Canada Goose has some serious indie cred.

In addition to participating in film festival events, Canada Goose has donated a part of the proceeds from one of their special collections to Polar Bears International, a conservation agency.

Canada Goose has also been expanding steadily into international markets while continuing to develop their line at home. With function, style, and a wide array of colours, Canada Goose has sparked many imitators trying to win customers with cheaper counterfeits. We at Mountain Air are proud to be on the list of authorized retailers. Come in an try on one of the Canada Goose jackets in our store to see what the craze is all about, and support Canada made, locally sold.

Nov 14/2014 – Canada Goose

Jasper in January


Jasper in January is a cornerstone of Jasper in the winter time. Skiing conditions come and go, temperatures rise and fall, but Jasper in January is always a riot. If you’re a local, it’s a great way to mix up your winter routine, and if you’re from out of town, we highly recommend checking out the official Jasper in January website if you’re planning a getaway (or thinking about it). The festival runs from January 17th to February 2nd, and there’s lots this year to get excited about.

For the brew connoisseur: Jasper Brewing Company, located right next door to Mountain Air Clothing, has events at just about every point during the festival. There are brewery tours almost every day, and a Hops and Scotch After Party on January 31st. If beer is not to your taste, drop your husband off at the Brew Pub and come shopping (we know you’ve done it before) or check out Wine in Winter at the Athabasca Hotel on the 31st as well.

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For the entire family: Your ski trip will be unforgettable when you watch the fireworks on January 25th. There’s also  a Family Fun Ski Race on the 19th, and on Sunday, February 2nd Treehouse toy store brings you a free movie at the Chaba theatre. For budding astronomers, check out Fire in the Sky at Pyramid Island on February 1st. 

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For your girls trip: Maybe you need a break from your family, or just a change of scenery, but your girls weekend away is taken care of at Jasper in January. In addition to sampling local craft brews, Mountain Wellness Day Spa is having a special wellness day on January 22nd. D’ed Dog Bar and Grill also has a Passion Party and live band on the 23rd, and the Jasper Brewing Company has a comedy night the same day so you can get your giggles in one way or another, making for a perfect midweek getaway.

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Don’t forget to check the festival page for information on all the bands playing across town, including Tupelo Honey, to plan the getaway that’s tailor made for you. What does any of this have to do with fashion? In the winter, it’s easy to find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. We know you have outfits that are begging to be shown off, but if you don’t we’d love to help you put together a new one! The best news? Everything pictured above is on sale! All holiday sweaters are 30% off, all winter boots are 40% off, and all denim–both mens and ladies!–is a whopping 50% off. Come celebrate with us! 

by Hillary

More Canada Goose on the way

If you wished for more Canada Goose this Christmas, you might be in luck. Check out this article on Canada Goose on CBC.ca!

Aaron Vincent Elkaim, for Canadian Press, talks about the popular Canadian brand and its plans to expand its market overseas, particularly into Asia. This is good news for foreign fans of the jackets, as the company plans to expand its production, while remaining committed to quality. If anything, Canada Goose is interested in making better, even pricier jackets, so those who have managed to get their hands on a coat, which is often easier said than done, can rest assured that their investment is sound. For the rest of us still waiting for our dream coat to be in stock, there’s hope.

Next month, Canada Goose, which employs more than 1,000 people, will move to a new factory in Toronto that nearly doubles the size of its workspace to 94,000 square feet and increases its capacity.

Twice as much workspace means potential for twice as much production, so even with the move to sell more jackets abroad, Canada Goose should be able to meet demand for their jackets here at home.

One thing to be excited about:

“They’ll consider expanding the brand beyond just coats.”

Is anyone else thinking ski pants? Cozy duvets? It’s always a joy to be able to find Canadian made outdoor wear, and we’re proud to carry Canada Goose here at Mountain Air in Jasper. Check out our recent photoshoot for an idea of the men’ and women’s jackets in stock.

Canada Goose!

New this July is Canada Goose! (We know…. but you can never be too prepared!)

Surviving winter in any location all depends on having the right clothes; that’s why we love having Canada Goose in Mountain Air.  The luxurious, yet practical, outerwear is made in Canada.  The traditional style of jacket is perfect for fridgid climates and the light weight ones are great for all seasons.  They come in fun colors too 🙂   


                             Kensington Parka (thermal index -20C)


                                      Hybridge Jacket (thermal index -5C)


                                 Mens’ Parka (thermal inedex -25C)


                                           Coyote Fur Hat (so warm!)