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Fall Look Book

It’s not too late to update your fall/winter fashion and equip yourself for the cold! Our wide selection of Canada Goose apparel will give you confidence to explore the winter wonderland and look great doing it.

Photoshoot Spring 2015

New Spring Lookbook! Our fearless model Michaela braved the Canadian spring temperatures to showcase some of our new arrivals as well as some cozy coats by Canada Goose.

What’s your travel fashion IQ?

Winter travel is all about breaking up our long Canadian winter with a getaway somewhere warm, but even if Canadian Spring is still a long ways off the start of the spring season elsewhere in the world marks the beginning of the travel season. Many travellers use the spring to cash in some of those vacation days for April in Paris, Easter in Rome or … Read More What’s your travel fashion IQ?

Canada Goose

If you can count on one thing in Canada, it’s that it’s going to get cold, but we as Canadians have never let that stop us from throwing on a jacket and enjoying the day anyway. Few companies have embraced being Canadian with as much pride and innovaton than outerwear brand Canada Goose. Over the past few years Canada Goose has evolved from a luxury brand … Read More Canada Goose

Nov 14/2014 – Canada Goose

Jasper in January

Jasper in January is a cornerstone of Jasper in the winter time. Skiing conditions come and go, temperatures rise and fall, but Jasper in January is always a riot. If you’re a local, it’s a great way to mix up your winter routine, and if you’re from out of town, we highly recommend checking out the official Jasper in January website if you’re planning … Read More Jasper in January

More Canada Goose on the way

If you wished for more Canada Goose this Christmas, you might be in luck. Check out this article on Canada Goose on CBC.ca! Aaron Vincent Elkaim, for Canadian Press, talks about the popular Canadian brand and its plans to expand its market overseas, particularly into Asia. This is good news for foreign fans of the jackets, as the company plans to expand its production, … Read More More Canada Goose on the way

Canada Goose Photoshoot Winter 2013-14

Canada Goose!

New this July is Canada Goose! (We know…. but you can never be too prepared!) Surviving winter in any location all depends on having the right clothes; that’s why we love having Canada Goose in Mountain Air.  The luxurious, yet practical, outerwear is made in Canada.  The traditional style of jacket is perfect for fridgid climates and the light weight ones are great for … Read More Canada Goose!