Cards for your Valentine

Random acts of kindness, Galentine’s Day, and more, Valentines Day is now about celebrating more than just romantic love.


Valentines Day, the day single people dread and husbands forget. What holiday has been the subject of more skepticism than Valentines Day? Even the most cynical among us though have to admit to being rather fond of chocolate (yes please) flowers, and cards, and this is why the recent de-romantifying of St. Valentine’s Day feels like such a breath of fresh air. In the past handful of years, traditional Valentine’s Day activities, romantic dinner dates and lingerie, have started to be just one more way to celebrate love. Many schools and workplaces organize a Random Acts of Kindness week around Valentines Day, and elsewhere in the media people have started to celebrate platonic love and friendship (most memorably the TV show Parks and Recreation with Galentine’s Day as a way to celebrate female friendships). 

What’s not to like about telling someone you appreciate them and are grateful for their presence in your life? Why not Valentine’s Day, especial when it’s becoming easier and easier to find unique “just because” cards for everyone special in your life. This is why we’re so excited to be carrying two lines of unique cards from Compendium Cards.

Compendium has been creating unique stationary products since 1985, with modern illustrations and whimsical messages that make them stand out from the glossy Hallmark cards you see in most drug stores. Designs range from quirky, and more masculine–a nice departure from traditional doily cards–to downright hilarious. Mountain Air carries Compendium’s Frank and Funny line, which features fresh and funny messages from professional stand-up comedians to help light up a gloomy day. This line features quotes for special occasions, as well as more than a few that are “just for laughs”, and who doesn’t like to laugh?


The Positively Green line of Compendium cards features the same vibrant, modern designs they’re known for paired with famous and lesser-known inspirational and topical quotes. What’s especially great about this line though is that a portion of the profits from this line goes toward protecting the environment.


It’s never the wrong time to tell a friend that you’re thinking about them and that you care, but what could be a better time than the month of February? With Valentines Day coming up, and the standard but challenging winter blues, putting pen to paper and spreading the love a little has never been easier.

Personally, I find there’s nothing like the feeling of a good ink pen sinking into thick paper, but the one thing that can top that is finding a handwritten letter waiting in the mailbox. So send a card to someone you’re thinking of and make their winter that much more whimsical.